***Sustainability Festival including Charlottesville's Got Talent***

LOVE Mother Earth

Saturday, April 25 2020


Noon - 4pm

Charlottesville's Got Talent

12:30-2 - Grand Finale 3:30

Slow Fashion Show

2 - 3pm


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Valued Friends

Our Community Partners


Sustainability Festival in Charlottesville, VA


Free Family Fun

Come explore a vast Free Family Fun fall festival on Saturday, April 25 at IX Park!  A plethora of free family fun activities pertaining to sustainability issues await children of all ages...


Charlottesville's Got Talent!

Reserve your spot to compete for cash prizes and awards!

Over 25+ Community Partners

From www.EcoChic.Boutique to www.FairTradeLove.com, we

pride ourselves on our community partners speaking about what they do for 

the community of Charlottesville.  

Fostering a sense of sustainability, each community partner is carefully selected and some will be providing demonstrations.


Tech Dynamism has graciously provided for the tents to enable the festival should there be any weather concerns.  The winner of the Social Good award through CBIC, we are grateful for their generous support and donation.  Please thank them as well!

Demonstrations, Speaking Engagements, & Exhibits

There are several demonstrations, speakers, and exhibits scheduled throughout the day.  Please revisit soon!

NBC 29 Feature

Thank You Carly Kempler!

Free Sewing Classes NBC 29 Feature

Free Fashion Classes


Woolen Mills Warehouse

Now through the end of March we are offering FREE slow fashion classes.  The founder of EcoChic.Boutique, Gwen Cassady, guest lectures at UVA on the Empirical Analysis of Secondhand Commodities; Slow Fashion; the Perils of Fast Fashion; and Social Entrepreneurship.

Thursdays  - Silk Painted Fabric - 6-8

Fridays - Canvas Painted Fabric - 6-8

Saturdays - Upcycle Cotton - 6-8

Sundays - Upcycle Denim - 6-8


Although 'Fashion is our Passion', we pride ourselves on focusing on education and the importance of raising awareness to the social and environmental implications of fast fashion.  The founder of EcoChic.Boutique is an advocate and educator who believes in the pillar of service.  All of our fashion classes provide free instruction and hands on creating in addition to educating our students on the importance of making wise purchasing choices in our textiles and apparel.  

In anticipation of our fashion shows, and more importantly to educate our youth as to what is really happening on our planet due to fast fashion, we provide hands on, educational classes to every socioeconomic strata.  As a teacher and having lived, worked, and traveled to over 60+ countries and all 7 continents, our founder's passion is educating our youth as to what is really happening on Mother Earth.  

Although we must charge a small fee if you utilize our materials for creations to take home, you are more than welcome to bring in your own materials to utilize and participate in the educational programs we provide.  If you and your child or children would like to participate on a more regular basis, we will provide our supplier's information and details so you can purchase the items on your own.  

All parents must stay with their children unless prior arrangements and age requirements are met.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone and will not tolerate any bigotry or disrespect to anyone in our facilities.  



If you are interested in participating in our free fashion classes, we highly recommend making reservations to guarantee a spot.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but if we have a full class, we may not be able to facilitate your needs.

If you would like to reserve a seat for one of our fashion shows, please let us know ahead of time. In addition, if anyone has special needs or if your child has any learning disadvantages or behavioral concerns, please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements to be able to accommodate everyone.  

Fashion Shows


Cash Awards & Prizes


Grand Prize at the IX Park fashion show is a 

$200 gift card for EcoChic.Boutique and $100 

2nd place receives a $100 gift card for EcoChic.Boutique 

3rd place receives a $50 gift card for EcoChic.Boutique

EVERYONE receives a $5 gift card to be utilized at EcoChic.Boutique.  We offer free shipping, but if the gift card is used online, we can not afford to pay for the shipping of a free gift.  We hope you understand...